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Vacancies at CGC Nigeria Limited, 26th September, 2018

CGC Nigeria Limited, a Chinese company with its headquarter in Abuja is a subsidiary of CGCOC GROUP CO., LTD. in mainland China. Our company CGC Nigeria Limited is a reputable Engineering Management and construction company at the forefront of construction of roads, bridges and other civil infrastructures in Nigeria.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:



Job Title: Safety Assistant

Job Duties

  • Report all safety reports and documentation required by the company
  • Conduct regular safety inspections and submit inspection report
  • Safety data collection and keeping in file.
  • Inspect and supervise project safety management
  • Investigation and analysis of safety accidents and remedial work.
  • Safety training and publicity.

Job Requirements

  • Able to draft document and write letters
  • Knowledge of basic computer operations.
  • Ability to prepare basic documents, forms, proficient in web browsing and using instant messaging tools.
  • Good communication and negotiation skills.
  • Honest and reliable

Level of experience:

  • 5 Years experience and above in similar role

Education Level:

  • Bachelor degree and above

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply



Job Title: Civil Engineer
Location: Abuja

Job Duties

  • Organise the quality control team quarterly to inspect the performance, appearance and key construction process of the constructed part. And compile the quarterly quality control report.
  • Organise the return visit while the project is done, collect the information about project operational process, operational effect, technology process, and structures effect, then optimise them in the next project.
  • Organise the return visit while the project is done, collect the information about device compatibility, electrical equipment failure rate and construction quality. Then submit the quality defect rectification scheme to the management, and assist them deal with the maintenance of the project.

Key Requirements

  • Must be familiar with the construction content.
  • Must be familiar with common construction quality problems.
  • Must be familiar with the professional construction specifications and demands.
  • Must be familiar with the technology operation process of waterworks.
  • Good knowledge of office software and photoshop.
  • Familiar with the process flow of waterworks.
  • Familiar with the main parameters of the project.
  • Understand the structure and working principles of common equipment.
  • Understand the usage and performance of common equipment.
  • Familiar with the main parameter of running the equipment.
  • Familiar with routine method to debug the equipment.
  • Good information arrangement and picture processing abilities.

Level of experience:

  • 3 years experience and above in similar role

Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply



  • Candidate must be willing to travel a lot.
  • Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
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