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Consultant – Management Services at Nigerian Army Officers Wive’s Association (NAOWA)


NAOWA is a philanthropic, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in the 1950s to improve the lives of women and youths within the barracks and its environs of the nation and the less privileged in the society. It is headquartered in Abuja, with eight divisions and offices in the 36 states of the federation.

NAOWA has been in the vanguard of the provision of community health centres to complement the existing health care delivery services. With schools and colleges across the nation as well as a world class Command and NAOWA Hospital, NAOWA supports government and other agencies in providing and implementing women and youth empowerment projects, vocational training and skills acquisition programmes, periodic donation of relief materials to ‘Homes’ for the motherless, elderly and the destitute. The organisation actively advocates and promotes the girl child education in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Applications are invited for:



Job Title: Consultant – Management Services of NAOWA Wellness Centres

Location: Nigeria
Employment Type: Contract


  • The average Military personnel and family have to endure long periods of family separation due to deployment, frequently relocate from stations often at short notice, deal with the effects of prolonged exposure to combat which could cause physical injury or invisible wounds like combat stress -. These, combined with everyday stressors, could potentially impact the mental and physical wellbeing of serving personnel and their families.
  • Unhealthy lifestyles and behaviour like inadequate physical activity, abuse of substance, poor dietary habits, and chronic stress – are prevalent among military community members worldwide. To tackle these issues, NAOWA is establishing wellness centres that will provide services that will improve its clients’ mental, physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing in a serene, secure, discrete and non-judgmental environment. In more specific terms, our wellness centres will provide an enjoyable, holistic therapeutic experience that will enrich life, reduce stress, help clients grow from trauma while promoting healthy living couple with prevention of illnesses and diseases.
  • As the flagship centre, the Abuja facility shall provide a full range of services, while the divisional facilities will offer fewer services. Construction of the Abuja Wellness Centre will commence in July 2021, with an estimated completion date of December 2021

Executive Summary

  • NAOWA is seeking proposals from qualified service providers / consulting firms to provide and manage its soon to be established wellness centres. The scope of the assignment will be to design and deliver wellness services suitable for both military communities and civilian population in the environs.

Project Description
This assignment will require the successful organisation to deliver/provide, and manage the following services:

  • Psychotherapy and counselling, particularly for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, grief, stress, suicidal thoughts, relationship issues, adolescent and family problems
  • Addiction counselling for persons dealing with alcohol, drug addiction and abuse
  • Alternative and complementary therapies
  • Out and In-patient rehabilitation services for persons living with drug addiction
  • Nutritional therapies and programmes
  • Running of wellness kitchen and restaurant
  • Specialised fitness programmes for the Military, women and youths
  • Running of the gym and swimming pool facilities
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Design and management of support group sessions for PTSD, depression and rape survivors
  • Virtual and telephone counselling services
  • Community sensitisation and awareness training for military communities
  • Any other wellness-related service deemed relevant by service provider/consulting firm in which case; the proposal must clearly state what these services are and how they fit into the programmes mentioned above

The kind of activities that will be undertaken in this assignment will include but not limited to the following:

  • Project Development:
    • Coordination with the construction team on design and development of centres
    • Product and services development in collaboration with the in-house team
  • Operation Management:
    • Development of operational plan, policies and manuals
    • Daily operations management which will include daily sales, planning and management, forecasting etc
    • Perform all relevant accounting functions
    • Recruitment, induction and training of staff
  • Client Management:
  • Marketing and Sales:
    • Strategic marketing, revenue growth management and promotion of wellness centre
    • Design and maintenance of a solid social media presence
  • Reporting:
    • Monthly and quarterly reporting to the NAOWA Board

NAOWA will provide the following:

  • New and modern partly equipped facilities in secure and strategic locations
  • Strategic stakeholders and relationships, which will include the relevant ministries, departments and agencies, international partners, Nigerian Military, etc.
  • Readily available skilled and unskilled labour force
  • Facility management

Skills and Expertise Required
Service Providers/Consulting firms must possess:

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience managing and running similar establishments, wellbeing clinics, wellness and hospitality businesses, employee assistance programmes for mid-large sized organisations etc.
  • Experience in the provision of alternative therapy including acupuncture and cupping.
  • In-depth knowledge of mental health issues, wellness and nutrition
  • Must be registered /permitted to conduct business in Nigeria
  • Experience of working with or familiarity with the military profession and families in the Nigerian context is an added advantage
  • Must have a competent and experienced team of psychologists and counsellors at consultant level,



How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates / consultant should send their Proposals to: [email protected] using the Positions as the subject of the email.
Delivered to:
National Secretariat,
No 2 Dame Patience Jonathan Drive,
After State House Clinic,
P.M.B 239, Asokoro District,
Abuja, Nigeria.

Guidance to Interested Service Providers / Consulting Firms

  • Only eligible Service Providers / Consulting Firms may submit a proposal for the services required. The proposal will be the basis for contract negotiations and, ultimately, for a signed contract with the selected organisation.
  • Interested Service Providers/Consulting Firms must, on receipt of the RFP, send a letter to email address stated above acknowledging and indicating interest in responding to the RFP.
  • At any time before submitting the proposals, NAOWA may, for any reason, whether at its initiative or in response to a clarification, amend the RFP. Any amendment made will be made available to only Service Providers/ Consulting Firms that indicate interest as stated in (ii).
  • Service Providers/ Consulting Firms may request clarification(s) on any part of the RFP. The request must be sent in writing or by email and submitted to NAOWA at the address indicated in the invitation at least (7) calendar days before the set deadline for the submission and receipt of Proposals. NAOWA will respond (copying all interested bidders) by email to the said request.
  • It is desirable that most of the key professional staff proposed are permanent employees of the firm or have an extended and stable working relationship with it.
  • The proposals should include, but not necessarily limited to, the following information:

Corporate Profile/Management plan:

  • This should clearly outline experience in wellness or related areas of business and suitability for this assignment. In the case of a consortium, corporate profiles of all other organisations with relevant experience must be included. References must be provided from your top two (2) clients.
  • This section should also describe the organisational unit(s) that will become responsible for this assignment and the general management approach towards an assignment of this kind. The Service Provider/Consulting firm should identify the person(s) representing the organisation in any future dealing with this assignment (limit four pages)

Resource plan/Team composition:

  • This should clearly outline the organisation’s resources in terms of personnel relevant for delivering our requirement. It should also state the current capabilities of the organisation and plans for expansion.
  • A list of proposed staff (professional cadre), positions, tasks and area of specialisation should be included. (Limit to three pages)
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resumes of proposed staff and Lead person


  • This is the key element of the proposal. It should explain your understanding of the objectives of the assignment and your methodology for carrying out the activities. This section should be a 5–10-page detailed description of the proposed methodology/plan of execution. In addition to addressing our requirements point by point, organisations are encouraged to include comments and suggestions on the terms of reference (if any)
  • All financial information – This should include all costs associated with this assignment. All prices/costs should be in Nigerian Naira (NGN)
  • The initial contract period shall be for five (5) years, and the successful service provider/consulting firm is expected to commence the assignment by October 2021


  • No late proposal shall be accepted
  • NAOWA aims to contact shortlisted Service Providers/Consulting Firms by 3rd week of June
  • NAOWA reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal and to annul the selection process and reject all proposals at any time before contract award without incurring any liability to affected Service Providers/ Consulting Firms
  • All enquiries should be sent [email protected]


Application Deadline  10th June, 2021.

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